MMH Screening Services

MMH provides screening and treatment services for Diabetic Retinopathy screening, glaucoma detection and refractive errors in children / adults through hospital and community outreach services.

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Diabetic Retinopathy screening

MMH is currently providing DR screening at this hospital.

Low Vision clinic

MMH Low vision Clinic is equipped with Optical Low vision aids including magnifiers of all types (Stand, hand held, illuminated), telescopes (Monocular ,Binocular, spectacle mounted).

Glaucoma Screening

Glaucoma is the most common cause of irreversible blindness. At least half of patients and in some developing countries, 90% of patients with glaucoma are unaware that they are affected. In many cases, glaucoma may be asymptomatic.

Refractive errors in children

MMH has started an initiative of school screening & provision of free eye spectacles in its long running School Eye Health Program (SEHP)

Cataract Screening

MMH is providing free screening of cataract at community level through its outreach camps.

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