Be the best you can be with Optometry as your Career

Optometrists, are autonomous primary healthcare practitioners for the eye and visual system disease management who provide comprehensive eye and vision care. This includes refraction (process of determining suitable prescription of glasses / contact lenses) and their dispensing, detection/diagnosis and management of disease in the eye, and the rehabilitation of irreversible conditions of the visual system

Optometry is a rewarding career in many ways. A career in optometry offers a high income, tremendous potential of growth, job security, and a good working environment. It is virtually stress-free and is not physically demanding. The average income for optometrists is very good and has always outpaced inflation. There is prestige associated with this career. Optometrists are recognized in their communities as respected citizens and leaders. They can usually establish a flexible work schedule, one that provides ample time to enjoy a personal life that is as satisfying as well as a professional life.

Given the importance of vision to quality of life, many optometrists consider their jobs to be rewarding, as they are almost always able to restore or improve a patient’s sight. Optometrists have a pivotal role in primary health care of the eye. Optometry is a dynamic career with excellent opportunities for personal growth and achievement. You can expect respect from the community and your peers, enjoy financial success, and have plenty of time other than work to pursue personal interests.

In short, trained human resources in Optometry are quite few in Pakistan. A lot of opportunities are available for those who want to excel in their lives. In government sector, 16th / 17th scale jobs are available. In private & public sector there is a severe shortage of human resource. Its scope is also bright for the professionals interested in working abroad proved by the examples of the Optometrists already working in foreign countries. If you’re looking for a challenging and satisfying career in a healthcare field, this is the right place to accept the challenge and make use of this opportunity.