Some success stories

Dr Arif Hussain

Dr Arif Hussain completed MSC training in Community Eye Health successfully in Pakistan Institute of Community Ophthalmology University of Peshawar during 2002-04. He served community Ophthalmology in MMH for 5 years before taking up a responsible role in an apex body, in a center of excellence in Lahore..

Asim Raza

Asim Reza completed his MBA Finance from Virtual University of Pakistan Lahore.

Saba Yasmeen

Saba Yasmeen completed her Ophthalmic Technician Course Including Operation Theater Assistant (OTA) Training.


  1. Khuram shahzad MMH team leader
  2. Nasir Ameer Sheikh Khalifa Hospital UAE
  3. Nasir iqbal Canada
  4. Rabbia Ammer M-Phil Scholar Faisalabad
  5. Kaukab Khan             Hussain Natt Hospital Islamabad
  6. Safia Hussain Natt Hospital Islamabad
  7. Mohammad Shahid D-Watson Islamabad
  8. Ayesha Kanwal D-Watson Islamabad
  9. Yasir Arafat UAE
  10. Shah Fahad Trust Hospital Azad Kashmir
  11. Mehwish Nisar Bilal Eye Hospital talagang
  12. Nida Zafar Amer Eye Hospital Chakwal
  13. Maria Qayyum REDO Rawalpindi

So 1, 11 and 12 have decided to stay within the area.