Community Eye Health Programmes

Community Eye Health Programmes Overview

  • All this support from many donors generously contributed to the running of charitable programmes of the Munawwar Welfare Foundation.
  • Part of the Hospital's revenues are contributed to the running of the optometry led free outpatients activity and free glaucoma screening clinic.


  • School Eye Health


MMH started this as a situation analysis in three schools in tehsil Chakwal – in April 2000, in which 1340 children were screened. 42 children were found with vision less than 6/12 (3.13%). This was supported by Munawwar Memorial Hospital itself.
Seventeen schools within 5 miles radius of MMH were screened in a pilot project with the support of Sight Savers International in late 2000. 2001 children were screened. 45 children (2.14%) children requiring glasses were provided free glasses.

A 2 years long Children Vision Screening Program was supported by Trust for Voluntary Organizations Islamabad in 57 Elementary Schools of Chakwal during 2001 to 2002

MMH then ran a six years long programme throughout the sub district with the help of Plan Pakistan.
1st Phase Nov 2004-Sept 2007
2nd Phase Oct 2007-June 2009

A total of 92505 school children were screened in 537 elementary schools and provided free glasses.

3rd Phase is being run by MMH and MWF July 2009 to till date. Our optometry teams screen, on the average, 30 schools per year, train the teachers and equip the school with screening / first aid tools. The children failing the screening test are invited to the hospital where they are provided examination and free glasses. We intend to grow this program to cover the entire public sector school system within the tehsil (700 schools). Every school needs to be screened at least three yearly, so programme needs to screen at least 235 schools every year. One school screening and provision of free glasses costs on average just over 5,000 RS (50 $ / 35£).

Cataract surgery for the blind

We started cataract surgery in Chakwal on 23rd March 1997. Till up to March 2017, activity was only part time, when it became a seven day free outpatient’s activity along with an active outreach programme to reduce cataract blindness in the area. A rapid assessment of the disease burden and the gender distribution was the basis of our cataract surgery program,1,2. We have been able to carry out a total of 144582 free patient consultations so far and a total of just over 11300 cataract surgeries.

This have only been possible through the generosity of so many donors. One cataract surgery only costs 7500 RS / 50£ or 70$. We especially request Chakwal expatriates to fund an eye camps in their villages to eradicate blindness and sponsor school eye healthy in their villages. Alternatively you can send your support for individual cataracts to the following accounts.



Munawwar Welfare Foundation

MCB bank limited Account No 0060301010059131

Pakistan Bank code  – 062

Chakwal main branch code  – 0603

Swift code: MUCBPKKA

United Kingdom

Trust for development of Pakistan

Lloyds Bank
Dartford Branch
Sort code: 30-92-53
Account Number: 01327169

Please leave a comment in reference “cataract surgery (Rs 7500, 70$ or 50£ per cataract)”, “school eye health (Rs 5000, 35£ or 50$ per school)” or “equipment appeal for a visual fields machine worth RS 2.5 million, 17000£ or 25000$” to indicate what you are supporting



  • Glaucoma Screening Service

If you have glaucoma, it can take a long time before you realize you have a problem with your eyesight. This is because glaucoma usually damages the outer edge of the eyesight and works slowly inwards. You may not notice a problem until the glaucoma is near the center of your eye. This loss is usually irreversible.

You should have an eye test at least every two years or more frequently if advised by your optometrist (a healthcare professional who tests sight). For example, they may suggest you have more frequent eye tests if you have a close relative with glaucoma, such as a parent, brother or sister.

This service is available free of charge for five of your blood relations above age 40 years, if you have been diagnosed as a glaucoma patient and are on treatment. Please ask the optometry within the hospital.


  • MMH – is a not for profit facility. It prides itself in compassionate, quality and cost effective eye care. It runs following free services
  • Free optometry led clinic 7 days a week
  • Free glaucoma screening programme
  • Free glasses programme for children referred through school eye health programme.
  • Highly subsidized cataract surgery