  Students Loan

MMH, in collaboration with Qazi Foundation may be able to provide Qarz -e-Hasana to cover all tuition costs. University of Health sciences charges (registration / examination fees etc) will be payable to them directly by the candidate. Qarz-e-Hasana will be repayable over 5 years in installments, and will be secured by a guarantee signed on a stamp paper. Candidates offered jobs in MMH or its affiliated vision centers may get a year’s loan commuted for every year of their completed service. However students may have to purchase some books, stationery items and instruments.

  Hostel & Mess

The accommodation may be provided to the students in the residential block, subject to availability. The candidate will be responsible to follow all the rules & regulation of hostel. The copy of its also pasted in every room of residential block.

  Computer & Internet Lab

Fast speed Internet & Well Equipped Computer Lab is also available for the use of students. Students will not be allowed to do chatting or open any illegal web sites. Strict action will be taken if anyone is found in violation.

  Cafeteria

Well furnished cafeteria available in the hospital.

  Car Parking

For patients & faculty free of charge .

  Annual class Functions

Annual Class function is arranged for the students so that they could enhance their extracurricular talents.

  Study & Entertainment trips

Study and entertainment trips are also arranged for the students.
Play grounds are available and open for the students for their physical fitness.

  Visits in Optometry council meeting/ conference

Students are also provided opportunity to participate/attend the meetings and conferences of Pakistan Optometry Council (POA) for letting them communicate with the students from other institutes, professionals and qualified optometrists.

  Provision of registration as students in IACLE

To build their technical skills and expertise in contact lenses, MMH provides the students the opportunity and support to get registered in International Association of Contact Lenses Examination (IACLE) through which they can get another professional diploma in contact lenses.

  Internship

Internship vacancies are available for the students of graduation and masters.

  Academic & Practical training

Students are provided the opportunity to observe the patients and are given assignments on case studies to enhance and polish their practical skills and experience the clinical signs practically for better understanding of the studied material.

  Library/ Book shop

  • Approx. 200 books are available concerning optometry
    • International journals
    • CDs / DVD’s
    • International Association of Contact Lenses full module
    • International Association of Contact Lenses Resource centre ( this centre is only available at 3 place in Pakistan & MMH is one of them).

There is librarian support to help with teaching materials and literature searches etc


  Liaise with Shifa college of Medicine

We have our collaboration with Shifa College of Medicine (SCM) at Shifa International Islamabad for sharing of the faculty and study material enabling us to provide expert professors and reputable teachers to our students.

  Parent / Teacher Qtr meeting

Parent – Teacher meetings are arranged on quarterly basis to let the parents know the progress of their children in their studies.

  Personal Development

Every student’s individual personal development plan with focus on natural ability and aptitude of each candidate is emphasized to build their personalities as useful and good citizens.

Salient Features

Excellent academic, practical training & living environment .

The teaching facilities are built on the following main themes :

  Best possible learning environment to provide high quality learning experience

o Study trips to other major facilities & some International Faculty.
o Supervised group discussions
o Log books maintained according to set standards for each students.
o Tests conducted on university specified sheet
o Clinical training with Ophthalmologist
o Collaboration with Pakistan Optometric Association and International Association of Contact Lenses
o Computer Lab& Fast speed Internet facility
o Regular Parent Teacher meetings on quarterly basis

  Develop leadership role in the Primary Eye Care through Vision Care Centre development and enterprise skills training, Regular supervised field trips (Cataract Screening Camps and School Children Vision screening)

  Encouragement to develop national and international professional linkages

  Training towards a stimulating future career with full personal development

o Hands on experience in Research and paper writing
o Presentation Experience for students to develop teaching skills

  The experience is geared towards nurturing and developing personal character and capacity and providing a comfortable living experience

There are also limited numbers of tuition loans for deserving & bright students and future job offers for bright students.