MWF Overview

History & Introduction

Munawwar Welfare Foundation Chakwal is a non sectarian, non political, non profit and Non-government Organization registered as a charity in Chakwal under the Registration Authority of District Officer Social Welfare Office, District Chakwal, Reference letter DOSW/CKL/05-22 Dated 02-05-06. The Chakwal based foundation has been established with executive body who participate on voluntary basis.

President Col Retd Dr shabbir
Vice President  Ch Khalid Mehmood
Vice President 2 Mr.Hassan Raza Pasha
General Secretary Dr Iffat Haider
Financial Secretary Asim Raza
Joint Secretary Anmbreen Ajaib
Information Secretary Mr.Saleem Malik

Role of MWF

MWF is working towards the sustainability of charitable programmes. MWF is currently working in the following areas:

  • Human Resource Development
  • Primary Eye Care Services
  • School children vision screening programme
  • Cataract surgery for poor cataract blind


Membership Criteria

Every person can get the membership of the foundation if he/she is:

  More than 18 years of age

  Agree with the rules, regulations and constitution of the Foundation

  Pays the membership fee i.e. Rs.100/financial year

  Lives or does business in the areas of Foundation’s activities

  Has motivation to help the needy people