Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

  Attendance

75 % attendance in class is must. Absent & late coming students risk being stopped from exams by the university.

  Dress Code

  • Students must be in well and proper dress during in Hospital.
    •All the students/ Optometrist have to wear White Lab coats during college and hospital timing.
    •I.D Cards will be worn at all times.

  Discipline

Strict in the matter of discipline, if any one violates the policies & procedure of hostel/ college, a council ling session is arranged with the students and verbal warning is given. If such cases repeated again & again and after 3 written explanations, institute has the rights to struck off the name of students. Discipline committee consists on hospital senior faculty members. Rule & Regulation briefed to all students at the time of admission confirmed. The copy of rule & regulation is also pasted in all the class room for the information of students.


  Assessment

The First Professional examination shall be held at the end of first academic year (nine months of teaching) and every candidate shall be required to take examination in the following subjects.

A candidate to pass in a subject shall have to obtain a minimum of 50% of total marks of each part of the subject separately. The minimum number of marks required to pass the examination for Islamic Studies/Ethics & Pakistan Studies shall be thirty three percent (33%) in each paper separately and thirty three percent (33%) in aggregate.