Cataract surgery










Dr Raza operating in our state of the art operating theatre.


Cataract surgery (phacoemulsification (suture less, foldable implants available .Cataract outcomes audit is an integral part of our continuous quality improvement programme. We pride ourselves in patient safety, quality of our outcomes and cost effectiveness.


Glaucoma Screening, diagnostics and surgery Service

 Glaucoma is a blinding disease and the loss of sight is almost always irreversible. Unfortunately there are no symptoms at early stage of the disease. Once the patient starts losing central sight it is generally too late for treatment. Early detection therefore can only be done through screening. MMH offers free screening to family members of the glaucoma patients. This free clinic is held on Sundays.

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Contact lens clinic
contact lens

Contact lens clinic is being run by qualified Optometrist.Wide range of soft contact lenses contact lenses are available in the inventory.Patients withkeratoconous are given hard lens trial. Hard lens trial kit is available with good range of lenses.







Low Vision clinic

low vision

Low vision patients with some residual useful vision can be enhanced with Low  Vision Aids if surgery if no other treatments can help. Mostly Low vision is caused by glaucoma, congenital anomalies diabetic retinopathy and age related macular degeneration.

MMH Low vision Clinic is equipped with Optical Low vision aids including magnifiers of all types (Stand,hand held,illuminated), telescopes (Monocular,Binocular,spectacle mounted).These low vision devices enables patients to carry out daily tasks like reading,watching television and using computer etc.