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Primary eye care services

Primary eye care services under MWF in 1st quarter (July to Sep 2016) Me YASIR ARAFAT in collaboration withMunawwar welfare foundation provided following primary eye care services in the community. Date of camp Community Total patients screened Total cataract referred

Course results

Previous Results In First Year Professional Optometry Exam 2010, one of our Students Miss Rabbia Ammer got 3rd position in the University of Health Sciences Lahore. In the third professional Optometry Exam 2013, one of our Students Miss Kaukab Khan

Yasir Arafat’s cataract referral patient sharing her thoughts after cataract surgery

“Another very successful cataract surgery. Patient give me lot of prayers She said after a longtime I am seeing everything clear and bright Now I can recognize people , And go everywhere .and do everything Which she thought is no

Contact lens case study

Maryam visited at mmh opd with decreased vision in one eye and headache. Vision did not improve to a satisfactory level with eye glasses. Her keratometry showed signs of keartoconous in left eye. Keratoconous is fairly common disorder in which

Special Child Case Study

Mohsin Ameer is a 24 years old from small town Bochal Kalan in district Chakwal.He is enrolled at Rehablitation center IRADA as a special child because he is unable to speak.Mohsin was detected with poor vision in a screening camp

Free Glaucoma Camp

Free Glaucoma Camp Dated 23-3-2016 Glaucoma is 2nd leading cause of blindness and its prevalence is 2% in general population. Patients usually don’t notice visual loss till advance stage of disease. Early detection is the only way to save sight.Free

IRADA Camp report

Munawwar Welfare Foundation Chakwal (MWF) arranged a free eye camp at IRADA centre Boochaal kalan (Rehabilitation center for the Disabled)on 09-02-2016. MWF team was led by Khuram shahzad along with Saira Bushra and Aitzaz Anjum. This was a screening camp,