Special Child Case Study

Mohsin Ameer is a 24 years old from small town Bochal Kalan in district Chakwal.He is enrolled at Rehablitation center IRADA as a special child because he is unable to speak.Mohsin was detected with poor vision in a screening camp conducted by Munawwar Memorial Hospital (MMH) on 09.02.2016 His presenting vision was 6/60 in both eyes and was severely visually disabled according to WHO definition.Mohsin was referred to MMH for detail eye examination and possible treatment.

Mohsin expressed through his teacher that he visited different eye facilities but his vision could not be improved with eye glasses. On screening in the school he seemed to have significant shortsightedness in both eyes. Examination in the hospital by the eye specialist (Dr Mohammad Raza) revealed Lenticonous in both eyes.This is a rare ocular conditions which causes decreased vision but also associated with serious health disorder known as Alport syndrome (a life threatening condition).

Mohsin was referred to tertiary care facility for further investigations.He was sent to Pakistan Institute of Medical SciencesIslambad where he was diagnosed with Alport syndrome. Nephrologist started his treatment.Mohsin was unaware that he has this potentially serious general health condition apart from hearing loss and decreased vision.His early detection will enable him to be treated for his serious health condition and save his  life.

KhuramShehzad – visiting lecturer

MMH Chakwal

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